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Ethanol extraction is one of the efficient solvent extraction methods that are used to extract fragrant compounds straight from dry raw materials and impure oils or concrete due to organic solvent extraction, enfluerage, or expression. The ethanol extractions from dry substances are known as tinctures, whereas ethanol washes are done for purifying oils and concretes which are called absolutes.

The impure substances and some oils are combined with ethanol, that is less hydrophobic than solvents utilized for the purpose of organic extraction, dissolves most of the oxidized aromatic components, leftover the fats, wax and other hydrophobic stuffs. The alcohol is evaporated under low-pressure, residing absolute. This absolute can be further processed to remove any impurities if still present, from the solvent extraction. Ethanol extraction is not suitable for extraction of fragrance from fresh plant materials, as these include high quantities of water that would also be extracted into the ethanol.

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