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Beauty ProductsIt is a strong urge in every human being to look beautiful. In synchronization with changing lifestyle as well as growing age, physical appearance of people also keeps changing. Irrespective of male or female, everybody is conscious of his/her looks. Beauty is not just restricted to use of homemade products, hence there is a continuous increase in the number of beauty saloons and spans. The burgeoning demand for beauty products & treatments has proved this business extremely lucrative in the current scenario. This industry requires a lot of knowledge of all the beauty products and the different affects, which an oil or product can make on your skin or parts of your body. A beauty product should be able to enhance the face, hair and other parts of your body without causing any type of any side effect.

India is the land of natural beauty and divine mother nature has preserved several ingredients in the various parts of plants with the aim to enhance the human beauty through their proper and intelligent usage. The human has been successful in making the most of these natural ingredients in form of essential oils and has developed a lot of beauty products. These products moisturize, rejuvenate and protect your skin from all kinds of pollutants, infections and other skin ailments. When used in cosmetics, essential oils are definitely better than cheap chemicals. Extremely effective, these essential oils are used for relaxation and healing skin problems. Moreover, these oils can be added to massage oils, facial oils, bath water and liquid cleansers, in homemade facials & masks and in floral waters & mists.

We offer highly skilled essential oils, whose skilled usage in beauty products helps in healing physical and aesthetic ailments as well as fighting with various skin ailments like acne, allergies etc. Angelica Root Oil is extremely beneficial for reviving dull skin. While some essential oils like Palmarosa, Geranium and Rosewood are most commonly used in many beauty products and cosmetics, the pure and rarely found Rose essential oil is extremely beneficial to rejuvenate your skin.

Nowadays there are many products, virtually developed for skin care and beauty- that have essential oils as their main ingredients. Mentioned below are some essential oils, which are being extensively used for developing different beauty products:

Angelica Root Oil- It is extremely beneficial for reviving dull skin
Balsam Oil- It is an important component in soaps, creams, lotions & perfumes
Basil Oil- Beneficial for sluggish skin
Bay Leaf- A constituent for men's soaps, colognes, cosmetics and hair tonics for controlling dandruff & promoting hair growth
Benzoin Pure- Used in soap, massage oils, lotions, diffusers, perfume oils, body fragrance, bath oils, facial steams and hair treatments.
Bergamot Mint Oil- It is used in perfumery and cosmetics
Costus Root Oil- It has wide cosmetic applications including skin infections and in Psoriasis.
Bitter Almond Oil -It is an effective moisturizer and is also a base for several cosmetics & skin care products
Bitter Orange Oil- It helps rejuvenating dull skin
Black Cumin Seed Oil- It is an effective remedy for dry skin, skin diseases, dandruff
Cinnamon Bark Oil- It's a perfect additive for creams, soaps & lotions and is also used as a fragrance component
Curry leaf Oil- Helps skin maintain its natural pigmentation.
Cypriol Essential Oil- It is used in perfumes and soaps
Cypress Oil -To combat excessive perspiration, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia, oily skin
Dehnul-Oud- In branded perfume and fragrance.
Davan Oil- This oil is used for cosmetic, perfume industries.
Davana Essential Oil is used in the perfume creams for dry and rough skin
Earth Soil Attar It is used in perfumery industry as well as skin care for making it glowing and supple.
Evening Primrose is particularly useful for mature skin and is sometimes useful for combat cellulitis.
Fennel Oil imparts a cleansing and toning effect on the skin, sorting out oily skin and helps fight wrinkles.
Frankincense Essential Oil finds wide usage in perfumery
Fir Balsam Absolute It is used in bath preparations, soaps and shaving creams.

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