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Solvent extraction is basically used to extract a component from either a liquid or solid. The sample is approached with a solvent which dissolves the solutes of interest. The process of Solvent extraction is widely used in commercial sectors including chemical and biochemical industries. It is one of the most efficient process of separating valuable products from complex feedstocks or reaction products. Moreover, there are few of the extraction techniques which includes partition between two immiscible liquids, others involve either continuous extractions or batch extractions. Due to environmental concerns, numerous common liquid/liquid processes have been changed to utilise benign solvents or move to more frugal processes like solid phase extraction. The extracted solvent can be a vapour, supercritical fluid, or liquid whereas, a sample can be solid, liquid or gas. There are number of techniques which are used to extract solvent. The detailed information can be found in Organic Vogel, Perry, and most textbooks on unit operations.

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