Lips that are dry and chapped are typical. Everyone’s winter skincare routine includes exfoliating and moisturizing their faces, but why ignore their lips? You’ll thank me later if you try these homemade lemon lip scrubs. Yes, cracked and dry lips can detract from your beauty. No matter how well you light them with your favorite lip color, they lack nourishment and appear lifeless and dull. 

So here are some simple and quick DIY lip balm recipes using everyone’s favorite ingredient: lemons! Lemon lip scrubs are the best natural home remedy for gently exfoliating the lips, removing dirt and dead skin, and leaving them incredibly soft, supple, and clearly healthy. They give your lips added moisture and a charming smile that is always noticeable. 

Benefits Of Using Homemade Lemon Lip Scrub 

The main advantage of making your own Lemon Lip Scrub is that you can pamper your dry, chapped lips with a natural product without worrying about the negative effects of harsh chemicals. This lip balm deeply nourishes your lips, eradicating darkness and tanning, and is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, which is abundantly present in lemons. It provides deep hydration, softening and plumping your lips. 

Vitamin C increases collagen production, which lessens pigmentation and promotes skin healing. Lemon, a natural emollient, is used in lip scrubs to not only remove dead skin cells but also to stop moisture loss. The lips remain soft, smooth, and naturally healthy by encouraging moisture retention. 

DIY Lemon Lip Scrub Recipes That Are Simple And Fun 

Consider developing a product that will give your lips extra care and restore their natural beauty. Try making these quick and enjoyable DIY lemon lip scrub recipes, and observe how they improve the appearance of your lips. 

1. Lemon, Honey, And Sugar 

Try this recipe and observe how the natural nourishing qualities of honey and lemon make your lips soft and plump. Honey’s antibacterial properties keep bacteria and dead skin off of your lips, while lemon’s exfoliating properties promote blood flow and give your lips a naturally pronounced color. 

2 tablespoons sugar 

One teaspoon of honey 

5–10 drops of lemon essential oil 

Two teaspoons of sweet almond oil 

Dispenser for lip scrub 


First, combine the sugar, honey, and almond oil in a bowl. Please thoroughly mix it. 

Then Add the lemon essential oil at this point and thoroughly combine. 

Step 3: Use this homemade lip scrub to regularly exfoliate your lips after storing the mixture in the lip container. 

2. Sugar And Lemon For Lips

Try this at-home spa treatment while enjoying some delicious lemonade on your lips. The only distinction is that you scrub your lips with the lemonade rather than drinking it. Examine the recipe. 

Sugar, granulated, six tablespoons 

Four tablespoons of virgin coconut oil 

1 teaspoon of lemon juice 

6 drops of lemon essential oil 

Oil of Vitamin E, two drops 

Step 1: Combine the coconut oil and granulated sugar in a small mixing bowl. To thoroughly combine and create a fine blend, stir. 

Add the lemon juice, lemon essential oil, and vitamin E oil in step two. Stir well once more. 

Third step: Fill the lip container with the contents and use it for up to three months. 

Step 4: Gently scrub your lips with the lip scrub to get rid of any dirt or dead skin. 

3. Lemon Lavender Lip Scrub

With this homemade lavender lip scrub, you can experience the magic of lavender and lemon as they nourish your lips, retaining moisture and leaving them soft, supple, and smooth. 


Cane sugar, organic, 1 1/2 tablespoons 

1 teaspoon of golden jojoba oil 

12 Tablespoon of honey 

One drop of lemon essential oil 

One drop of lavender essential oil 

2-4 drops of lemon juice 


Step 1: Combine the jojoba oil and honey in a small bowl. 

Step 2: Next, incorporate the lemon, lavender, and fresh lemon juice essential oils. 

Step 3: Slowly incorporate the organic cane sugar while blending to achieve the desired consistency. 

Step 4: If you used fresh lemon juice, keep the homemade lip scrub in the refrigerator and store it in the lip scrub container. 


Lemon, the main ingredient in each of these recipes, exfoliates your lips to remove dry, dead skin and replace it with incredibly soft, refreshing skin that enhances your beauty and creates a sparkling smile.  

Why then wait? When life gives you a lemon, treat your lips to some homemade lip scrub in addition to drinking some lemonade!