Long, thick, and dark eyelashes are among the current beauty requirements. This is evident from the sheer number of mascara-selling brands. But applying natural oils can actually make lashes grow longer, unlike mascara, which only creates an illusion.  

Oils like argan oil are known to help the growth of eyelashes as well as the skin. Additionally, castor oil has been found to be effective in growing eyelashes. It has fatty acids, proteins, and other vitamins that help nourish lashes and make them stronger and longer. Coconut oil is another popular choice for eyelash care, as it helps keep the lashes hydrated and healthy. Learn more about argan oil’s advantages for eyelashes by reading this article.  

Eyelashes are the short hairs that curl around the eyelid edge. Eyelashes protect the eye from dust, debris, sweat, and other things that could irritate or harm it.  

Can argan oil promote eyelash growth?

Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the skin and hair, is abundant in argan oil. Your lashes may experience less lash loss and healthier growth if you apply argan oil to them. Argan oil’s fatty acids support and encourage eyelash growth.  

Argan oil benefits eyelashes

Argan oil, an all-natural product, can strengthen, thicken, and lengthen your lashes without the use of pricey treatments or extensions. It provides the following advantages:  

Argan oil contains vital nutrients, including those needed for thick eyelashes. It has fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants.  

Anti-Inflammatory: Argan oil’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can treat diseases brought on by free radicals. Its capacity to lessen oxidative stress and inflammation may slow down aging and promote healthy lash growth.  

Argan oil helps eyelashes regain moisture. This is made easier by the abundance of fatty acids and vitamin A. Some people attest to argan oil’s capacity to hydrate and moisturize lashes, intensify their color, and lessen the need for mascara.  

Encourages Eyelash Growth: Healthy eyelashes are well-hydrated. They will grow if they are in good health. In other words, argan oil promotes eyelash growth while maintaining eyelashes.  

Argan oil contains a lot of antioxidants, which strengthens. Argan oil lessens lash breakage and loss because, like our hair, our lashes need conditioning to become thick and healthy. 

How Can I Grow My Eyelashes With Argan Oil?  

Argan oil is best used as a lash serum at night before bed. This is to minimize the risk of scratching your eyes or rubbing the oil off and wasting it. To apply it, you can use bare hands, a cotton swab, or a mascara wand.  

Apply a few drops of argan oil to your fingertips, dab your eyelashes gently, and massage them for a minute to use it with your hands.  

Applying Argan Oil With A Cotton Swab: Use a cotton swab to apply a few drops of the oil to your eyelashes.  

Dip your clean, dry mascara wand into the argan oil to apply it to your lashes. As mascara, apply the product to your eyelashes and wipe away any excess.  

Use of Argan Oil For Eyelashes: Risk & Precautions  

If you have never used argan oil before, a patch test is advised for your safety. Just dab a little oil behind your ears, and leave it there for a day. Because they are sensitive and might itch or irritate if you do, it is advised to avoid getting oil in your eyes. To stop this from happening, try to avoid putting too much oil on your lashes because it can get in your eyes.  


Argan oil is highly advantageous to eyelashes. With its ability to moisturize and promote strong, healthy lash growth, it can give you gorgeous lashes. If you’re considering including it in your beauty routine, this choice will be perfect. Make sure you buy pure Argan oil, as this is the most effective type. Also, be sure to apply it correctly, as it can irritate the eyes if used incorrectly. Finally, be aware that it may take some time for results to become visible, as it takes time for the effects to become noticeable. Be patient and consistent with the application and you should start to see results soon.